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Get some love in the lab!

Get some love in the lab!

Chemistry Feb 12th - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

Tampa’s Underground Keeps Getting Stronger

Chemistry is in the air, I mean, love is in the air or something like that. All I know is that Chemistry is happening Saturday, February 12th in a secret location in St. Petersburg. If that doesn’t scream “underground”, I don’t know what does. Maybe adding Insomniac artist Donald Glaude, one of the original Funky Techno Tribe members, helps. Or the fact that Russ Urban, a legend in the making, is throwing down a proper 4am set. Buffalo, NY’s Don of the underground, Xotec comes through with a live PA (ask an old raver what a live PA is (if you’re not familiar)).

Liquid Air Entertainment has been producing quality events for over a 3 decades. To find out more information and ticket availability call 716-512-4444.

The event will be broadcasted live on

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