Bonobo shares new single, ‘Tides’ featuring Jamila Woods

Bonobo is preparing to release his new album, Fragments, on January 14, and ahead of the LP’s released he’s teasing what fans can expect on the tracklist with a new single, “Tides.” Featuring Jamila Woods, the track carries grooving tunes that mimic the movements of rocking waves, soft instrumentals creating small swells that ebb and flow alongside Woods’ pristine vocals. Speaking on her contribution to the track, Woods said in a press statement,

“I’m really excited to be a part of Bonobo’s project. I connected with the track as soon as I heard it. It felt like rain and waves to me before I even knew the project had a theme of cycles and tides, so it all came together very organically.”

Bonobo first began teasing his upcoming project back in September, when 12 mysterious billboards began popping up in cities across the world. It was later revealed that each billboard represented a track on Bonobo’s new album, with the producer announcing in early October that not only would he be releasing Fragments in January, but that he would be embarking on a world tour in support of the record on February 18. The announcement also coincided with the release of the album’s first single, “Rosewood.”

With “Tides” sitting as the fifth track of the album and showing how the cyclical theme of the project will play out through the tracklist, Bonobo shared in a press release that he believes the single to be the track that ties Fragments together. The veteran producer elaborated,

“When I first heard Jamila’s vocal she had recorded I knew instantly I had a centrepiece for the album. Lyrically it captured everything the project was about. This track was a real turning point in the process of finishing the album and Miguel Atwood Ferguson’s incredible string parts at the end brought the whole thing to another level.”

Watch the visual for “Tides” below.

Featured image: Dan Medhurst

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