The Art of Writing Beautiful Music – Practical Suggestion for Musicians in the Modern Era

The Art of Writing Beautiful Music - Practical Suggestion for Musicians in the Modern Era


There is a rise in different genres of music writing like Teen Pop, Boy Bands, Disney Artists, Country, Dance-Pop, Indie Rock, Emo, Pop-Punk, Contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop, Teen Pop, Boy Bands, Country-Pop, Latin Pop, and much more.

Songwriting contest and exposure to the music itself on the internet has played an exemplary role in portraying musical talents like singing, songwriting, music composition, music writing, and composing music amazingly like never before.

This article will provide detailed information about organized steps to writing a song. But before that, let’s get familiar with how to compose a song.

How to Compose a Song?

Musical composition is a process of organized music writing by creating a section/segment/piece of music by mixing different elements of music, which will eventually bless your ear and the whole concept/sentiment.

In the songwriting process, a songwriter makes sure to compose musical compositions along with writing suitable lyrics for the song.

Music writing is a simple yet challenging task in itself. To carry this task more efficiently, you can use different online paper writing sites to guide you through your writing process.

As you have a detailed understanding of this subject matter, let’s familiarize yourself with how to compose a song.

  • Create a day-to-day habit of listening. Even if you don’t like the melody or lyrics, just listen. This will help you get familiar with the music itself.
  • Develop your score-reading ability. Note the significance of analyzing the right counterpoint, harmony, melody, and more.
  • There are different theories developed by find musicians throughout the world. Read one theory at a time. This way, you’ll be able to take what it requires while composing your own music.
  • Learn to play different musical instruments. This way it will be better for you to discover your melody and music.
  • Train your ears by singing or listening to music on your own. It’s alright even if you’re not a good singer; sing your part daily. Train yourself and your brain to understand what a good vocal is.
  • Write different lyrics on different days. If you need guidance, go to your mentor or use paper writing sites at St. Paul Pioneer Press.
  • If you want to compose a song, make sure that you learn to use the software well.
  • Get started to collect experience. To do so begin to write real work for real musicians. You will get used to taking both appreciation and facing criticism.

Detailed Steps to Writing Song that’s Magical and Memorable


As you have learned the way to compose a song, now let’s get started with steps to writing a song – a beautiful and elegant one!

Create an Unforgettable Melody with Different Chords

There are millions of songs. Do you want to stand out? Better make a melody using plenty of chords that pleasing to hear. The one that remains close to your heart forever.

Take it a step at a time, explore, analyze and stick with the astonishing ones. Use all major, minor, dominant, diminished, and augmented—for a more complex and exciting sound.

Make Proper Placement of Sounds

Analyzing and making the proper placement of sounds per the requirements is known as rhythm in music. In creating good and popular songs, rhythm plays a huge role.

Your music must have an alternation of elements that are contrasting in nature.

There are five different types of rhythm:

  • Regular Rhythm
  • Random Rhythm
  • Progressive Rhythm
  • Flowing Rhythm
  • Alternating Rhythm

Use a proper rhythm that matches your songwriting. Consider the beat and accent that fits right with the dance, speech, and heartbeat.

Build Proper Refrain for your Song


While composing music, the refrain, also known as the riff, is often played using a solo instrument or different rhythm section instruments.

Whether you’re a drummer or a pianist, compose riffs that go well with your song’s lyrics and overall feel.

If you feel like you can’t do it on your own, there are different songwriting tools available in the market; you can also use them.

Many renowned musicians suggest using two different riffs in your music – one with the higher scales and the other with a low scale.

Compel Music with a Live Performance Preference

Creating music with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) enables the composer to compose complex music. But, in today’s era, only recordings are not enough; to connect with the general audience, you need to perform live.

So, many musicians or music companies see whether you can compel the music while performing live or not. Make sure your song is also suitable enough for the live performance.

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The lyrics part, it should be profound, but the listener should be able to understand and connect with them at the same time.

Take a Step Back from Instrument while Writing Music

A lot of musicians write music sitting in front of their musical instruments. But they suggest you not do so while doing music writing. The main reason is that when you do so, there is a high probability that your lyrics will be sort of monotonous.

So, it is suggested that you should turn away from your musical instrument. Instead, if you have any great ideas, you can record them for future reference.

Once you are done with your music writing, you can play it along with your musical instrument.

Choose Song Structure with Proper Ambition


Ensure your song moves ahead more correctly than just around or between the chorus and verses. It is more like traditional pop music if you decide to go with a proper song structure.

However, in recent pop songs, the musician prefers not to use a particular or formatted structure; it’s more like only repeating the catchy lyrics or chorus.

Both of them are suitable as per the preference, but many renowned classical musicians suggest choosing a song structure with a proper ambition to stick by and create some fine songs.

Be Spontaneous and Structured with your Music Writing Approach

Lyrics are one of the trickiest yet significant parts of connecting with the audience. Great lyrics will make your audience “Whoo” with you for decades, maybe even centuries.

Many lyricists claim it’s better to have your lyrics writing approach. But don’t rely on it forever. Learn to make some changes in your approaches as per the need of the audience and market.

Having a proper mixture of spontaneity and structure with your music-writing approach is essential, as both are equally important.

Music is an art, so it’s necessary to have both if you want to go deep into it.

Combine Lyrics and Rhyme Properly as a Tool


Combining lyrics and rhyme to get along is one of the most critical steps while composing music with the right approach. They might not connect the dots well if they don’t get along.

To make sure the dots connect well, make sure the lyrics get refined after keeping it together with the rhyme.

But if rhyming doesn’t go well, note that sometimes rhyming cannot go well with the exact idea. In that case, follow the idea or lyrics instead of rhyme.

Break the Writer’s Block

To those who are not familiar with Writer’s Block, it is an overwhelming feeling that is present while performing a certain task in the songwriting process.

This feeling is not good as it creates an absence of mind among writers to write something new or different from their previous experience.

To break writer’s block, ensure you take care of your mental and physical work so you won’t have apathy, anger, anxiety or other problems.

Just try by simply trying a new genre or with a new musical instrument, don’t try work that’s too monotonous, try something different, something new that excites you to work well.

Be creative and move out of your comfort zone!

Wrapping Up:

This is the end of our article “The Art of Writing Beautiful Music – Practical Suggestion for Musicians in the Modern Era”. We hope you will be able to discover your music writing way and end up composing music along with suitable music writing or songwriting.

If you have any other practice suggestions that might be helpful for the musicians of the modern era, make sure to leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

Also, if you have any songwriting experience, share it with us and help new musicians learn music writing.

Happy Music Writing to All Creative New Musicians! Just Begin Your Journey Step by Step!

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