Brooklyn’s Good Room Hosting Fundraiser Events To Avoid Potential Eviction

Good Room

Good Room

Brooklyn club Good Room is hosting a series of fundraising events to avoid closure for good. The club says they owe about 18 months of rent and need to pay it potentially in the next three. This is because of being closed due to the pandemic and not receiving any money from the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant — or Save Our Stages Grant, which they claim they were eligible for and should have received some money.

“This grant was literally written for businesses like us,” booking director Josh Houtkin (AKA JDH) told Resident Advisor. “We’re a club, we don’t have a restaurant or other sources of income and we didn’t qualify for other government subsidies so we were heavily relying on this. Some venues got millions of dollars, we were asking for a fraction of that.”

The club says it needs a certain amount of money since the eviction moratorium ends in January.

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“We have about three months to figure out our finances since New York’s eviction moratorium ends in January,” Houtkin says. “Something around half a million dollars would literally save our venue.”

Good opened back up on September 10 when LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy offered to donate his time for an all-night DJ set to kickstart the club’s current fundraising program.

Good Room will kick off its seven year anniversary this weekend on November 5 and 6. The 5th welcomes Baltra, Bearcat, Cosmo, Witch Trials and Acacia Baileyana. The club then brings in Tim Sweeney, Justin Strauss and Amelia Holt on Saturday.

The two-room club has a slew of other events planned for the rest of month, which you can check out on their website. Grab tickets now.

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