How the Job Search is The Art

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Wouldn’t you agree that looking for a full time job is a full time job?

Not receiving requests for interviews after the “thousands of applications” you sent can weigh very heavily on your heart, mind and shoulders while chipping away at your confidence.

If you have had interviews with no call back and in fact been ghosted, you might be feeling exhausted, frustrated, disappointed, defeated, frightened, desperate and have an over all feeling of “what’s the point?”

My clients who are job seekers come to me burned out from their arduous job searches and they continue to apply from a _baseline_ of weakness, confusion, rejection, low confidence and little to no energy.

Like a hose kinked up preventing the flow of water, the high stress of job searching kinks up the job searcher’s energy and mindset, preventing any creative solution focused resource to flow to, through and from them.

Is this the best baseline to apply to positions from?

Obvious answer is no. Yet they continue out of desperation to apply from this point of vibration expecting a different result.

Some people that are offered positions, make the switch from one employer to another, only to find the same problems that existed at the last job are even more so at the new place, essentially, jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. The environment is unfamiliar and you are suffering in the same boat, but on different, unchartered water. Misery.

Even though misery loves company it doesn’t have to be this way. Your job search, the position you are in now, the one you switch to, networking…none of it has to be miserable. In fact it could be a fun, creative, invigorating and confidence building experience.

It requires learning a new way of being and an understanding that your challenges and problems will follow you from job to job. Have you noticed yet, that your complaints about your employer, supervisor and work experiences remain the same from job to job? Only the people and employer are different.

Until you address the underlying reason or reasons for this, the pattern will persist. To end the misery you must unlearn defeating habits, identify limiting beliefs, replace those beliefs with life enhancing ones, practice significant patience and trust the process.

It’s a process of retraining the mind for self mastery, slowing down to speed up results, creating a clever plan of action, accountability, encouragement, commitment and the ability to pivot.

Your search doesn’t have to be long or difficult. My clients are hired within 2 weeks to 4 months, in their field of choice. As a Mindset Coach, I teach my clients how to approach their challenges, goals and job searching from a position of strength and a new _baseline_ for optimum results.

_“Pamela has proven invaluable in teaching me the techniques she uses to approach job search and organizational thinking. The cognitive framework her program helps develop, helped foster a relentlessly positive attitude when on the hunt and ultimately led to my success in finding a position! Between the personalized daily routine and the professional advice, Pamela and her program minimize the dumb luck required in finding a job. In addition to the honed skills she offers, she genuinely cares for her clients, their well-being, and (with her assistance) their inevitable success. Acknowledging you may need help in your journey is the first step and Pamela is a true expert ready to provide that help.” _ Michael Muldoon

Man and Dog Searching with Flashlight in Outdoor
Man and Dog Searching with Flashlight in Outdoor

I offer a few thoughts that helps my clients’ in their job search experience.

1. Take a break from your search.

Stop searching completely for _at least_ 7 days. I recommend longer if it is truly feasible, 2 – 3 weeks would be ideal. Step away from it all. Don’t open LInkedIn, Indeed or any other job search related platform. Don’t talk about applying, don’t even think about applying. Turn off the grind of looking for a new position.

You’ve been searching for how long now? Searching the same way for days, weeks, months and maybe even a year or more expecting a different outcome is the very definition of, say it with me, insanity. You are not insane so stop taking action as if you are.

Simply stop applying just to apply. If the nagging, fearful voice starts to bully you into applying, reject the fear and get away from your computer. Go for a walk, read a book that lets your mind turn off, do something, complete a chore that has been on your list forever, anything other than looking for work and applying.

2. Build in time every day to decompress.

Every day at the same time for 5 – 1 0 min., sit in silence, longer would be amazing, but start somewhere…2 min is a start even. Could you commit to 2 min.?

Set the timer on your phone for the desired time and leave it in another room where you will be able to hear the timer going off. No distractions, no tv, no children, no family, no email, no animals, no notifications, no music, just be. Actively listen for your heart beat and breathe. Focus on these two things for a few minutes during your designated time.

3. Build in time every day to have fun

For at least 30 min, however you define fun. Again, choose the same time of day to do this. Dance, play a game with your family, pick up the paint brush, paint and canvas and paint. Is there a craft or a fun project you’ve been hearing yourself say, “I want to do….” What is it and go do it?! What do you want to do for fun? When was the last time you thought about this?

4. It’s time to get curious

After you’ve given yourself that break from searching, it’s time to get curious. Identify what about your current and past positions you enjoyed the most? What would make a position and employer ideal for you? Is it remote work, travel, managing people or process? What is the perfect culture for you? What salary would you like? Who is the customer of the employer you want to work with? What problems do you want to solve? How do you want to contribute? What have you been complimented on over the years? What are you good at? Really explore what is important to you and write it all down in one spot. If you haven’t done so, make a wish list regarding your career. Get it out of your head and onto paper – digital or otherwise.

5. Express gratitude for it all.


ALL of it. Everything about your experience to date. The good, the bad and the ugly. “I am grateful for…”. List it all out. It helps put you in the right frame of mind, influences your baseline for the better and elevates your frequency to that of joy. It is a mini shot of endorphins. It’s why suggestions 1, 2 and 3 are important also. When we feel good we attract good things, people and opportunities. We lighten up and can create our way out of situations better, easier and quicker.

6. What we speak, we speak into existence.

Remember, _“what we speak, we speak into existence.” _ If you think (speak in your mind) that you will never find a job, never be paid the salary you want, then you are right. _“If you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.”_ Henry Ford

Think and speak thoughts of what you do want, not what you think won’t happen. The Double Slit Experiment, one of the most famous experiments in physics, suggests that the very act of observing a particle has a dramatic effect on its behavior. In other words, energy flows where your attention goes. Place your attention on what you desire, think about it, speak about it, even write about it and energy will flow toward your desires, opportunities and action steps will arise making them come to fruition.

7. Find and connect with recruiters that specialize in your field.

Build a list and begin to develop a relationship with them. Your network is your net worth. Understand that reaching out once is not going to do it. Be persistent and polite. My clients will reach out to recruiters and they tell me that they never hear from them again. Recruiters are inundated with messages and tend to respond to qualified candidates AND those that _follow up_. It is your responsibility to follow up with the recruiter. You are creating opportunities when you do so. There is a finesse to this. With practice it gets easier.

As you develop relationships with the recruiters educate them on how seriously you take your career and leadership development. Let them know that you appreciate and expect feedback along with preparation advice from them and then act on their expert advice.

As you develop relationships with the recruiters educate them on how seriously you take your career and leadership development. Let them know that you appreciate and expect feedback along with preparation advice from them and then act on their expert advice.

8. Take Care of Immediate Needs

If you are unemployed and need cash flow immediately, apply for jobs you are qualified for. Once you have the position, you can continue looking for something better, it’s easier to apply and accept a position when you are employed. Primarily because your needs are being met, less pressure financially = confidence and people can sense strength, weakness, confidence and insecurities.

a. To drive home the message further, talk with recruiters and network when you have a job, not when you are in need of one. I invite you to view it as an investment. Your efforts will not be wasted.

9. Lastly, be kind to yourself.

If you are looking for a different job, industry, or employer you most likely are unaware that you are grieving. Grieving the loss of how you thought your life would be like “by now” compared to what it is today. You are growing and growing pains can be expected.

You are also in a state of transition. Both the transition and grief call for self compassion, proper self care, self forgiveness and forgiveness toward your past or current supervisor, employer, colleague, who you feel have done you wrong in any way. Stick with it. Remember that everything is temporary and the challenges you are currently facing will pass.

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