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IKEA Launches AI-Ready MR Service for Apple Devices

IKEA Launches AI-Ready MR Service for Apple Devices

IKEA Launches AI-Ready MR Service for Apple Devices - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

Last week, global interior design superstore IKEA continued its immersive journey with a new AI-powered mixed reality (MR) solution for accurate product visualization.

IKEA Kreativ is an MR service that enables users to preview interior design products, such as desks, chairs, and lamps, as augmented visualizations a buyer can place in a real-world environment.

IKEA’s service lets buyers see how an item will appear in their home with accurate light and shadow simulation. A buyer can also place a digital product and edit its placement with rotating, stacking, and hanging options.

Additionally, users can place a digital IKEA product in one of 50+ pre-made virtual showrooms. The MR virtual showrooms give potential buyers tools to create a personalized digital dream home with a wide-angle lens point of view and scale accurate MR assets. IKEA provides buyers with fully, partly and un-furnished MR virtual showrooms.

Brian Totty, the CEO and Founder of Geomagical Labs, added:

We’re working hard to help people imagine a better life at home, by fusing real technology advancements with fun and magical user experiences. We are super excited to share our first products and look forward to making these capabilities even more helpful and awesome in the years to come.

IKEA designed Kreativ as a cross-platform solution, meaning the service works across phones, tablets, and personal computers.

IKEA Kreativ employs LiDAR scanner technology to power the service, reserving the solution for iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad. Interested buyers can access the application via the Apple App Store.

Advanced Planning Tools

IKEA’s Kreativ service also comes packed with useful extended reality (XR) planning tools.

Firstly, IKEA offers an online planning service with its Kreative platform. The firm’s planning course assigns a buyer with an IKEA design specialist who helps and walks an individual through their buyer’s journey, assisting with the new MR tools.

Additioanlly, IKEA Home Planner is a desktop solution from the company which allows buyers to design an interior floor plan with IKEA products from a desktop.

The office planner application from IKEA provides a similar solution. The service also enables an individual to design a room via their desktop, although with Office Planner, IKEA supports interior design for enterprises.

IKEA also offers additional planning tools to help buyers create their perfect kitchen, bedroom, and smart home. Furthermore, IKEA offers MR tools for creating a personalized desk or chair.

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