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HTC To Unveil VIVE Flow Business Edition Goggles

HTC To Unveil VIVE Flow Business Edition Goggles

HTC To Unveil VIVE Flow Business Edition Goggles - TechnoSoundz - News from Around the Underground

HTC VIVE announced on Tuesday it will expand the availability of its VIVE Flow compact VR goggles with a novel Business Edition version.

The devices are set to train, work, collaborate remotely, and enhance classroom interactions for its users across sectors, including education, healthcare, and many others, HTC VIVE explained.

According to the Taoyuan City-based firm, the VIVE Flow Business Edition will include a 30 day trial period of VIVE Sync, allowing users to join immersive meetings with minimal distractions.

The platform also allows users to collaborate with content creation tools and 3D models across devices, along with Microsoft Office integrations to boost efficiency and prevent fatigue from video meetings.

The new solution will also offer VIVE Business Warranty and Services, which add a two-year commercial warranty and expedited replacement services for clients.

The business VIVE Flow headset also offer the option to purchase a three-degrees-of-flight (3DoF) controller to navigate menu options and engage experiences, as well as include a new Kiosk Mode for queuing experiences for remote access to avoid accidental closures of virtual experiences.

The glasses will allow business people to relax after stressful periods of work with meditation apps, expansive immersive movies, and games, among other features, with a compact form factor weighing 189 grammes.

Eran Orr, Chief Executive of XRHealth, said in a statement at the time,

“VIVE Flow Business Edition is a ground-breaking VR glasses device that will enable healthcare organizations across the US and worldwide to leverage VR capabilities to improve patients’ lives”

Jonathan Newth, Chief Executive of Focal Point VR, added,

”VIVE Flow is the ideal companion device for Focal Point VR – the lightweight and easy to use form factor and great colour depth displays make it the perfect headset for remote viewers to comfortably ”virtually’ teleport to live events or to enjoy longform on demand 360 video content from live events and sports”

The new Business Edition model will debut in the UK on 21 June for £499 via the company’s website, and will offer its controller for an additional £53.

The announcement also comes a week ahead of the Taiwanese firm’s long-anticipated VIVERSE Metaverse smartphone, which is set to tease fans on 28 June with a host of integrated immersive application features and integrations.

The phone will compete against major vendors such as Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, and many other top-selling smartphones complete with their own immersive AR and VR toolkits.

The news comes after research from Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC) found that VR had significantly empowered users and learners with digital solutions compared to traditional elearning methods, revealing an up to fourfold increase in training turnarounds, greater engagement, and cost savings.

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